Laboratory Inspections

Rice University Environmental Health and Safety Department conducts regularly scheduled laboratory inspection for compliance on all federal, state, local, and university policies and regulations.  It is the responsibility of the Principle Investigator to ensure continued adherence to all applicable regulations and generally acceptable lab practices.  Any deficiency identified during the inspection or noticed throughout the year will be address in a timely manner. 


    Environmental Health and Safety Annual Inspection Checklist
    Environmental Health and Safety Annual Biosafety Inspection Checklist


EHS Inspection System


The EHS inspection system allows the principal investigator or a designee to respond to any violations in the system. To do this, follow the instructions below:


1.     Login to the system with your Net ID at,

2.     Click on the "PI's Result" link located in the grey navigation bar on the left side of the page.

         a.            Any outstanding violations will be listed in the "Outstanding Violation" section of the page.

3.     To respond to a violation listed, choose the violation from the dropdown list in the "Inspection Feedback" section of the page.

4.     Select "Yes" if the issue has been corrected, and "No" if the issue has not been corrected.

5.     Add any comments that you may have regarding the violation selected.

         a.            Comments may include what was done to correct the issue or why the issue cannot be corrected at this time.

6.     Click the "Submit" button located under the comments box.

         a.            The violation chosen will be removed from the outstanding violation list if "Yes" was selected.

         b.            The violation chosen will remain on the outstanding violation list if "No" was selected.

         c.             Every feedback item submitted will be logged in the "Feedback History" section.

7.     Repeat steps 3-5 for each Outstanding Violation.


If you try to login to the EHS inspection system and do not seem to have access, please contact us.