Procedures for Evacuating Rice Buildings

In the event of a fire alarm, all persons including faculty, staff, students, RA’s and visitors are expected to immediately evacuate academic, athletic and residential facilities as quickly and safely as possible. Never use the elevator during the evacuation. Exit the building utilizing the most direct and closest evacuation stairwell available. If you smell smoke or see a fire in the building, activate the fire alarm system and exit the building closing doors along the exit path when possible to contain the spread of flames and smoke. At no time should the closing of doors or the activation of the alarm delay the exit from the building. Person should never ignore a fire alarm or remain in the building longer than is necessary to exit. Never re-enter the building to retrieve any items or personal belongings. Re-enter only when emergency responders, Rice Police or EHS advises the emergency is cleared. The alarms may be silenced prior to giving the all clear. 

In residential facilities, evacuation maps are located near elevators and/or stairwells throughout the buildings. Students are expected to assemble at their college evacuation point and await further instruction.

In academic or athletic facilities, building occupants should assemble outside the building away from roadways and entry points.