Fire Safety Education and Training Programs

During Freshman Orientation Week and throughout the year, students receive instruction on evacuation from their room and location of meeting points throughout the campus. All Rice University police, housing maintenance staff and Environmental Safety personnel are trained in emergency response, fire safety and evacuation procedures. Rice University police are state-commissioned peace officers who routinely take continuing education programs in the areas of fire safety and emergency response. Environmental Health and Safety Department Staff staff is also trained in fire safety response and recovery.

All fire alarm panels at Rice University are monitored 24 hours a day by the Rice University police dispatcher. Upon activation of any trouble or fire alarm in any building, Rice University police officers are notified by radio to respond. Students are advised not to re-enter the building until the all clear has been given by Rice University police or the Houston Fire Department.

Students and staff are advised to call RUPD at 713-348-6000 to report an alarm or any situation that could potentially become a hazard, fire situation or an emergency. Any unsafe condition should be reported to the Rice University Housing and Dining office by phone or through the student work order process. Students and staff may ensure a fire is included in future fire safety reports by reporting the fire incident to RUPD (713-348-6000) or the Environmental Health and Safety Office (713-348-4444).