Outdoor Cooking

Portable and stationary barbecue pits outdoors shall be constructed of concrete or other approved noncombustible material. Portable barbecue pits, charcoal grills, and other open-flame cooking devices outside of a building shall not be operated on balconies or located within 25 feet of any building, combustible structure, or air intake. 

Disposal of Ash and Coals  

Disposal of
Hot ash and coals from barbecue pits and charcoal burner can and will cause a fire in the dumpsters.  To prevent this from happening all coals and ash from outdoor cooking appliances shall be placed in a non-combustible container such as a metal drum until cooled or thoroughly saturated with water, prior to disposal.  Environmental Health and Safety will provide a metal drum for this purpose. Please contact the office to make arrangements for delivery of a drum and final disposal of the coals and ashes.