Prohibited Items in Residential Colleges

The following restrictions are listed in the Rice University Housing and Dining Campus Housing Agreement. These restrictions are supplemental to existing federal, state, and local fire and life safety codes which are enforceable at any time. 

Pets are not permitted in campus housing. Certified assistance animals, fish in tanks of 10 gallons or less, and flora (excluding fungi) are the only exceptions. Space heaters, window units, microwaves that are not part of the university approved micro fridge units, refrigerators with a combined refrigerator and freezer space over 3.6 Cu. Ft., and all cooking / heating appliances including coffee makers of any kind are not permitted in campus housing. Refrigerators and Micro fridge units are limited to 1 per person. The Colleges have kitchenettes available for your use. No smoke or vapors producing devices are allowed. Candles, incense, flammables and flammable liquids, and any type of incendiaries are prohibited. Non-flame producing candles are allowed. The City of Houston Fire Code in the Colleges prohibits open flame. Smoking is prohibited in or on all college buildings and within 25 feet of any door, window, or intake. This includes all public and private spaces as well as rooftops, patios, and balconies. See Rice University Smoking Policy #839 for designated smoking areas. You are not permitted to make material alterations / improvements of any kind to your campus housing. Includes, but not limited to, painting, use of chalk, and penetrating walls, doors, floors, and ceilings. No lab research / industrial equipment requiring special ventilation, exhaust, or shielding is permitted. Tampering with the limits on your room's thermostat is prohibited. If there is any problem with your heating / cooling system you should submit a request for service. Violation(s) of the aforementioned rules regarding energy related devices or controls could result in an energy-use surcharge of up to $200 per item or incident. All firearms and dangerous weapons are prohibited on campus in accordance with University policy No. 835. Rice University officials and H&D reserve the right to remove prohibited items without notice or liability.

Storage and Bicycles

Your Personal belongings are not to be stored, even temporarily, in the hallways, stairwells, landings, balconies, laundry rooms, parking lots, and other common areas of the colleges. This Includes bicycles, refrigerators, furniture, clothing, boxes and trash. Bicycles on campus are to be stored in your room or secured to a bicycle rack. H&D reserves the right to remove improperly stored items without notice or liability. All bicycles must be registered with the Rice University Police Department. Bicycles may not be left on campus for the summer. Bicycles that are abandoned or are unregistered with the Rice University Police Department will be removed and relegated to Campus Police and / or H&D.