Hot Works Permit Required for any temporary operation on campus involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks.
Accident/Injury Report Report should be filled out anytime there is an accident in which injury or the potential for serious injury could have occurred or did occur while attending/working at Rice University.  If the injury occurred to a Rice employee, the State of Texas requires the "Employee's First Report of Injury or Illness" to be completed and sent to Risk Management for review.
Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness Report is required by the state of Texas when an employee sustains a work related injury or occupational illness
Public Assembly/Special Event
Fire and Life Safety Self-Check Form

Checklist for Public Assembly/Special Event on campus.



Laboratory Closure Procedures

 These procedures are intended to assist a principal investigator in complying with federal and state regulations when leaving Rice University.

Laboratory Emergency Preparedness

Guidelines for preparing a laboratory for a natural disaster such as a tropical storm or hurricane. 

Laboratory Specific Training Checklist

 The Laboratory Specific Safety Training Checklist is a guide to assist you with “in laboratory training/mentoring” for all new researchers in the laboratory or training existing researchers on new hazards within the laboratory.  It is recommended that this training be completed prior to the start of work in a laboratory. OSHA requires this training be completed within 30 days of new work practices.  The principal investigator (or alternate) should cover the listed topics with the trainee. 


Select Agents and Toxins Guidelines and Procedures

 The purchase, use, storage, and transfer of select agents and toxins are highly regulated by the US Department of Health & Human Services as a potential public biosafety threat and therefore must have the proper administrative approval before any work commences.

TxDPS Memo of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board regarding the control of chemical precursors and laboratory glassware and apparatus that could be used to produce a controlled substance.

Human Blood Collection Guidelines The human blood collection guidelines establish standardized procedures and methods for the collection of human blood used for research purposes only.

Ethidium Bromide SOP This is a Standard Operating Procedure for Ethidium Bromide.

Use and Storage of Controlled Substances       Controlled substances used in academic research requires a federal registration with the US Drug Enforcement Agency.  Specified regulations detailing the used, storage, and disposal of these substances are listed at  


Laboratory Door Sign Generator All laboratory doors must have this sign posted and updated when new hazards are introduced into the lab or at the minimum annually. This sign will inform visitors and emergency personnel of the hazards present in your lab and provide contact information. It is important to keep this information updated so that lab personnel can be contacted at any time. 

No Food or Drink This sign needs to be posted on all laboratory refrigerators, freezers, or microwaves.
 Safety Shower This sign is used to mark the location of a safety shower in a laboratory.