Creating a Laboratory Specific Safety Plan 


Lab Safety Plans, Protocols, and Notebook Overview 

All Rice research laboratories should have in place a Laboratory Safety Plan and Notebook to provide basic training to the workers in the lab.  The office of Environmental Health and Safety hopes to facilitate this by providing standardized general safety manuals and templates as well as linking to University-wide documents and tools to prepare these laboratory specific safety plans.  Laboratories exempted from creating these safety plans are those that rely on computers for their work and whose environments resemble an office setting.


Laboratory Specific Safety Plan 

The Laboratory Specific Safety Plan consists of two components. One component is a set of general university wide safety plans and procedures.  The general manuals are intended to provide high-level safety information about Rice laboratories.  The second component is laboratory specific.  This portion of the safety plan is intended to be a part of a broader training that may include in person or task specific training unique to the individual laboratory.


Creating Your Set of Laboratory Specific Safety Manuals 

The following is a list of documents to be inserted into your safety notebook/binder following the Lab Specific Safety Plan Table of Contents


Section 1  Table of contents and Emergency Procedures

Section 2  University Policies and Procedures


Section 3  Laboratory Specific Operation


Section 4  Other Items

  • Create a divider labeled "Trainings and Certifications."  Place your lab's training records and certifications in this section. For new lab workers, download the Rice University New Lab Researcher Checklist. Complete this form for each new employee and place it in the binder in this section.
  • A divider labeled "Lab Specific Manual" (optional) If you lab has developed a lab safety manual or manual with standard operating procedures, place it in this section.
  • A divider labeled "Communications" Place all communications from EH&S along including emails, safety audits, and hazard assessments in this section.
  • Once complete, download and complete a Cover page for your manual and place it in the front slip cover.
  • Prepare a Side Label for your Lab Specific Safety Plan, so that it can be easily accessed and recognized in case of an emergency.