Fire Emergencies

Fire emergency procedures should be followed by all Rice University personnel in the event of a fire or explosion:
If you discover a fire or see smoke:

  1. Remove all personnel (students, visitors and employees) from the immediate danger area. 
  2. Activate the fire alarm system by pulling the nearest pull station.
  3. Report the situation by dialing 713-348-6000 (Rice University Police) and report:
    • EXACT location of the fire (building, floor and room #);
    • Type of fire (electrical, flammable liquid, trash, etc.);
    • Extent of fire (severity of fire and/or amount of smoke);
    • Any mobility impaired personnel needing assistance
    • Your name and telephone number.
  4. If you feel comfortable, attempt to extinguish the fire using the proper fire extinguisher.
  5. Confine the fire and smoke by closing all windows and doors.
  7. If possible, shut off all non-essential oxygen, gas and electrical appliances in the area and remove any hazardous materials.
  8. Evacuate the building using the nearest enclosed stairway or ground exit.
  9. Re-enter the building only after the all clear is given by emergency personnel.

In the event of an emergency, EHS or RUPD will attempt to contact a laboratory representitive who can advise emergency responders of any hazardous materials present. Door signs and laboratory contacts should be kept up to date.
If the fire alarm sounds in your building:

  1. Evacuate the building using the nearest enclosed stairway or ground exit. Be sure to take personal belongings electronics and keys with you.
  2. Re-enter the building only after the all clear is given by emergency personnel.

Fire Extinguishers 

Fire extinguishers in academic and residental buildings are inspected and maintained by EHS. If a fire extinguisher is discharged in your area, please contact EHS at 713-348-4444 so the extinguisher may be replaced.

General Emergency Procedures

1. Notify everyone around you of the emergency situation. 
2. Call Rice University Police Department (RUPD) at 713-348-6000. By calling RUPD they will dispatch officers to scene and Rice Emergency Medical Services (REMS) if needed.

  • If Houston Fire Department response is needed, RUPD will contact them directly.
  • Be sure to tell RUPD dispatcher your location and clearly describe the incident.
  • If the incident involves chemicals, biological material, or radioactive material, you should also notify Rice Environmental Health and Safety at 713-348-4444.

3. Evacuate the area, if necessary.

Medical Emergencies

Refer to Rice University Emergency Medical Services information.

  • Call Rice University Police Department (RUPD) at 713-348-6000. By calling RUPD they will dispatch officers to scene,  Rice Emergency Medical Services (REMS), and Houston Fire Department EMS if needed.
  • When the injury or illness involves a chemical, a Safety Data Sheet should accompany the person to the emergency center.
  • Students who incur a minor injury during normal class/working hours should be referred to the Student Health Services , 713-348-4966.

Workplace Injuries

Refer to Rice University Risk Management information.

The procedure outlined above applies to all individuals receiving pay from Rice University who are injured or become ill while performing an activity that directly benefits Rice University. If transportation is unavailable within the injured's department, a request may be made to the Campus Police to provide such. 


Accidents, incidents, and near misses are unplanned or unwanted events that occurs during the performance of a work-related activity that resulted in or could have led to an injury or damage of property.  These incidents should be reported immediately to Rice Environmental Health & Safety Department at 713-348-4444.
Complete an  Accident/Incident Report Form and submit it to your Department Head and the Environmental Health & Safety Department.