Creating a Laboratory Specific Safety Plan

Lab Safety Plans, Protocols, and Notebook Overview

All Rice research laboratories should have a Laboratory Safety Plan to provide basic training to the workers in the lab. Laboratories exempted from creating these safety plans are those that rely on computers for their work and whose environments resemble an office setting.

Bioraft will be used as a repository for both the general university wide and laboratory specific safety plans and procedures.

Laboratory Specific Safety Plan

The Laboratory Specific Safety Plan consists of two components. One component is a set of general university wide safety plans and procedures. The general manuals are intended to provide high-level safety information about Rice laboratories. The second component is laboratory specific. This portion of the safety plan is intended to be a part of a broader training that may include in person or task specific training unique to the individual laboratory.

Creating Your Set of Laboratory Specific Safety Manuals

The following is a list of documents to be uploaded to the documents section of your lab's Bioraft profile.

Section 1: Table of contents and Emergency Procedures

  • Download complete and upload the Lab Safety Plan Signature page.
  • Download complete and upload the Emergency Contact and Response form.
  • Obtain and upload a copy of your building floor plan showing evacuation routes and location of the emergency equipment from Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Upload a specific floor plan drawing of your laboratory into the documents section of your lab's Bioraft profile.
  • Contact EHS at X4444 or for your building's specific floor plan detailing exits and emergency equipment, then upload to Bioraft.

Section 2: University Policies and Procedures

Section 3: Laboratory Specific Operation