Creating a Laboratory Specific Safety Plan

Lab Safety Plans, Protocols, and Lab Specific Documents Overview

All Rice research laboratories should have a laboratory specific documents to provide basic training to the workers in the lab. Laboratories exempted from creating these safety plans do not meet the criteria to be considered a "laboratory" as outlined in the University Laboratory Safety Policy 313.

Bioraft will be used as a repository for laboratory specific safety plans, procedures, and lab specific training records.

Laboratory Specific Safety Plan

The Laboratory Specific Safety Plan consists of two components. One component is a set of general university wide safety plans and procedures. The general manuals are intended to provide high-level safety information about Rice laboratories. The second component is laboratory specific. This portion of the safety plan is intended to be a part of a broader training that may include in person or task specific training unique to the individual laboratory.

University Wide Safety Plans and Procedures

The following is a list of general university wide laboratory safety documents produced and maintained by EHS to be referenced.

University Laboratory Safety Policy 313

University Enviornmental Health and Occupational Safety Program 805

General Emergency Procedures

Rice University Chemical Hygiene Plan

Rice University Waste Disposal Procedures

Rice University Biosafety Manual

Exposure Control Plan

Radiation Safety Manual

Laser Safety Manual

Laboratory Safety Procedures Associated with Lab Safety Policy 313

Laboratory Specific Documents

These documents are intended to be edited by the laboratory and then uploaded to the documents section of your lab in Bioraft.

Lab Specific Standard Operation Procedures Template - Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) for any laboratory specific operation that is particularly hazardous.

Lab Specific Safety Plan and Training Checklist - This document is intended to be completed by the PI or their designee and used to document laboratory specific training. Every member of the lab must be provided lab specific training and that training bust be documented by adding their training information to the bottom of this document. Training must also be updated anytime a major change is made to the document or a new hazard class is introduced in the lab. This document combines four previous documents into one, these are the prior authorization list template, sds location statement, new lab researcher checklist, and the lab safety plan signature page.