Solid Biological Waste

Solid biological waste includes but not limited to plastic-ware, petri dishes, eppendorf tubes or any other materials used to culture or transfer biological materials. Any materials contaminated with a biological hazard must be autoclaved prior to normal disposal or placed in a regulated medical waste box (RMW) container.


Autoclaved the waste for a minimum of 30 min at 15psi and 121°C. Place a strip of autoclave indicating tape on the bag or on the biohazard symbol before beginning the sterilization cycle. Following the autoclave process

  • Apply a sticker noting that the material has been decontaminated on the autoclaved bag
  • Place the autocalve bag in an opaque or black trash bag
  • Tie the top and discard in the general trash

All biohazard symbols must be defaced or marked out prior to disposal. All BSL-2 containment material must be processed and disposed of via this procedure.


RMW boxes are available at the George R Brown or Bioscience Research Collaborative loading dock. The container is ready for disposal when

  • Red interior liner is hand‐tied closed
  • Top of the box securely folded shut
  • Weight no more than 40 pounds
  • marked on the outside with the lab name and phone extension.

If the waste material is frozen or had the potential to leak, you must use two red bed liners before securing the box. Do not place the box in the collection area until the day of or night before shipment.

These boxes should be placed inside the loading dock at George R. Brown or the cold storage room at the Bioscience Research Collaborative.