Chemical Inventory (ChemTracker)

Having an accurate inventory of acutely toxic and flammable chemicals is an important piece of emergency response, building management and laboratory safety. Chemicals such as flammable solvents, flammable gasses, gases which are poison by inhalation, or compounds such as potassium cyanide, dimethyl mercury and other acutely toxic materials are regulated by federal and local regulations and must be included in the laboratory’s chemical inventory. BioRaft provides PI's a system (ChemTracker) where the inventory can be tied to each laboratory and available to all members of that laboratory. To aid with this chemical inventory process, EHS can provide bar codes, bar code readers and training upon request.

EHS recognizes that acute toxins and flammable materials may be essential to the operations however it is encouraged that these compounds not currently in use, be disposed of or kept locked within in the laboratory. EH&S will gladly assist in the removal of unwanted materials.

Bioraft Chemical Inventory (ChemTracker) Instructions