Minors in Research Laboratories

The following documents provide Rice researchers, staff and visitors who mentor minors in a laboratory setting guidelines and procedures to follow in order to promote a safe working environment and comply with university and federal requirements. These guidelines and documents are applicable to all laboratories at Rice University in which laboratory personnel work with hazardous materials and equipment as defined in the "Guidelines for Minors in Laboratories". Prior to allowing any minor to conduct research in a laboratory a Minors in University Sponsored Laboratory Activities form from must be submitted and the project reviewed by EHS, Risk Management, and STEM as well as a Release and Hold Harmless Agreement must be submitted to Risk Management. It is best that these forms are completed prior to the minor coming to campus.

Policy 811 University Programs or Activities Involving Minors

Programs or Activities Involving Minors

Individual Minors in Research Laboratories

Guideline to Minors in Research

Release and Hold Harmless Form